15 thoughts on “My kiosk!

  1. ouo anyone want unicorn boards? They were from the 2014 Unicorn Event….. I was a mem so I got it for 100 stars each. I have Parsley, and Nightshade. Happy to sell them for min both. (min is really high though q.qi fantage min isn’t 500 unfortunately)

      1. Your gonna literally hate me but the fantage minimum is 13,500. I know. After I found out the minimum; I literally wanted to kill myself lol.

  2. btw anyone has kitty kat hat hair? It’s like that wild runner hair prize which you can’t get anymore for getting the cute black kitty hat power up? I’m willing to buy ouo…for a reasonable price.

  3. oh and does anyone have burger tee too? I’m looking for- Kitty Kat Hair (Wild runner prize), Burger Tee, and Skelekitty board ovo will buy for REASONABLE price. No overprices owo

  4. Is it possible that Kitty1929’s hair is starred or only ecoined? My friend claims her hair is starred lel.

  5. who has cody plush/panda pullover? ouo and whose willing to save panda till I can buy? Won’t be long ouo

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