Best Q-Blast character


Want to know the best Q-Blast character to get for the best price and value?

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The # before comma: Powerups that character begins with

The # after comma: Maximum amount of powerups the character can have

So, by the looks of the chart, Lil Chompy is the best character to get!

It has the highest number of Powerups that character begins with AND the highest maximum amount of powerups the character can have.

Second in place looks like it should be Pixey, however because there is a 300 Gold increase, Second place goes to Cookie, Soapy Stan, and Tiger.

But of course do not go by my statistics, because you should buy a character you like! people have different preferences and some prefer a character with speed. Some prefer more power etc.


Most speed

Cookieman and Friskers

Most power

Soapy Stan, Pixey, Lil Chompers, and Friskers.

Most cubes

Pixey and Lil Chompy.

Best overall 

Lil Chompey!



7 thoughts on “Best Q-Blast character

  1. People sure like Pixey just like Pixy Sticks oh god sorry that was so bad i just had to say it…..childhood memories when ever kid want sugar or candy in class still do though…………. Bat signal calling me….Toodles oh i need to stop i’m done Cloud i’m sorry….

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