What just happened

So this girl asked:


Then this girl named Nina was like:

I was awesome

going awesome

to explain awesome

before you awesome

rudely awesome

interrupted awesome

Me in my head: o.O well she really just put the question out there for anyone to answer.. but ok.

Then the girl asking the question leaves and Nina asks me if my board is for trade.

Me in my head: oh ok, so we’re cool again

Then a 2 boys come along and fight for Nina to be their bae.

I sit and watch:

oh my

oh my1 oh myyohmy

Boy 1 tells other dude to “back off” because he laid eyes on her first.

LOL. Man that’s hard to tell because on Fantage your eyes are always looking at the screen, and you can never physically move your eyeballs.


ojok The other dude backs off as the jerk in the green f-boy jacket shows to be the strongest.


Some time later the jerk leaves and comes back….




He had a bae.

Its either that or he just got one in literally less than 5 minutes.





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