A Fantage conspiracy theory


Why did Fantage design furniture to be fit for the size of giants, and not us, little Fantagian’s?

Well, that can only mean one thing.

Fantage used to be covered in snow, with giant Fantagian’s roaming around.

But as global warming because an issue, the snow started to melt…


and melt…


and it was no place for giant Fantagian’s with genes built for cold weather.

So as time went on, the genes that coded for large, hairy bodies became less frequent in the gene pool. (This is called natural selection)

And Fantagian’s started become smaller.

They also started to inhabit the rest of the Fantage world (far from the mountains).

Because up there, is where the giants still live.

Behind the bushes, and inside the caves.



ever wonder what happened to the man who sat beside the fire?


Well, the giants pulled them in..

He’s never been seen since.

So travel safe guys, and try not to go out at night. That’s when the giants hunt.



12 thoughts on “A Fantage conspiracy theory

  1. Ooooh
    What about the Lucky Bot wand? It’s actually a cursed item, which when you use it too much, you become a real giant. And feel the urge to visit Mt. Fantage more and more often.

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