Fashion Battle Tips

Has it really been so long since I posted here?  Oh, well, my sincere apologies.  >.<

Anyways, I’ll just go over some quick tips about Fashion Battle, the icon in the top right corner of your screen with a lightning bolt.  Now, I don’t know if these are quite true, but just some stuff I have noticed in my own experience.  If I am wrong in anything, let me know.

  1. It’s a relatively easy way to level at first, every few games won, you get 5 levels.
  2. Pet items don’t give many points.  Unlike Fashion Show, in Fashion Battle, using Pet Locked items in your outfit won’t give you additional points and is more likely to drop your score.
  3. Rare items are the best way to use.  Just like Fashion Show, the higher the rare item, the higher the score.  I’ve seen people who had basically everything as Mythical to Otherworldly get as many points as up to 900 in Fashion Battle.
  4. CCC and Lucky Bot items actually help.  They’re not the best items to use, but if you’re playing against a beginner (no offence to them) the CCC and Lucky Bot items can bump up your score just a little bit.
  5. DON’T create two battles at once (as in hosting).  If someone verses you the first round and then you change for the second round, your accessories WILL change, meaning it could drop your first score.  Only do one battle at a time.
  6. Limited items do not have any benefit.  I’ve tried once, using a whole bunch of limited items (corresponding with the chosen color) and they did not help at all, and actually didn’t have as big of an effect as CCC or Lucky Bot items.

Once again, these are just tips based off of my experiences, I’m not sure if it’s different for you.  Just some tips to ensure you the best you can get in this game. 😉  Have a nice day, and have fun playing! xP

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

7 thoughts on “Fashion Battle Tips

      1. It doesn’t work that way for me. If I change for a second game, it changes my accessories and lowers my points. Although, this whole post was based on my experience.

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