35 thoughts on “quitting…?

  1. So many people are quitting now… 😦 please don’t quit the blogging community, but even if you do, you will be missed and it is your own choice

  2. wait WHAT
    you’re quitting?
    oh my
    Please don’t quit ;-;

    you are like the 5th person to quit this week
    please don’t
    our community grows smaller still
    i really enjoy your posts
    but it’s your choice
    i assume you’ll still be active on britney’s blog

  3. D: your blog is the most viewed Fantage blog still active. But if you do want to quit, wet will remember you as we are with princess moomoo 🙂 its like a legacy XD

  4. Quitting?
    Omg.. 😦
    I hope you don’t.. Because you were my inspiration to start blogging 😦 😦
    It’s your choice though… But we’ll miss you A LOT. Since your the most famous blogger..

  5. You think I’m bothered about the giveaway?
    You think any of us are actually bothered about the giveaway and not you?
    So now, Nutella is no longer here, Winx is quitting, and now…
    You better come visit. Please do, once a week, or a month?
    But please….don’t just leave us..but yeah..your choice. you must be sick of all these “oh no don’t quit” comments. and i started like that too so i’m not gonna do that anymore.
    but yeah…you must have a perfectly good reason to leave…i get it…just please…please….please….please….please….visit
    do not forget me, us…or at least try not to.
    Dear Clous,
    you shall be missed, your absence shall not be ignored…but bye

  6. //gasp
    You were the very first blogger I found out about
    My friend was like “Google Fantage spy”
    And I was like “what’s Fantage?”
    It looked so fun so I got inspired to play because of you
    Its OK if u wanna quit doe

  7. CLOUD! But I thought you were one of the few bloggers that are super committed and won’t just quit?
    But I mean, if it’s for a personal reason like family issues I understand. I just really really really don’t want to have to see YOU go. :< I know other people feel the same way.

  8. Will you be still active on your life blog at least?
    I think I’ve heard you talking about quitting before on IG before

  9. Cloud, I wish you the best in all that you do. Wether its blogging or not, I support you either way. I hope you do not quit blogging, because as others have said, you are the only fantagian blog thats has so many fans and is always active. Also you have inspired me, as well as many others to start blogging. What ever your choice is, know that I support you no matter what.

  10. well, if you quit, you won’t be forgotten! you’ll forever be in the fantage wordpress community history ;-; you’ll be a legend, like princess moo moo and casey (damn i miss them…)

  11. Dear Cloud, I wish the best for you even if you quit or not and end your blog but i do wish you the best and if you do quit are you ever going to visit or actually never come back on… But i wish you the best BTW what giveaway are you talking about? jAj this make me sad TnT but you must move on eventually please give us a good time head if you do quit We Will Miss You to her fans and friends Sincerely, Batman again and wait what about the other author are they going to quit?? nvm Goodbye

  12. Dear Cloud idk why my comment is showing but anyways I wish you the best and get your hopes and dreams when you get older but what about the authors are you going to tell them BTW what giveaway you talking about and are you ever going to visit or come on if not its fine because you might be quitting but anyways we all have a lovely time with you WE WILL ALL MISS YOU even you fans and friends on fantage you became a legend or idol that everyone known on this blog but we hope for the best for you and great things that should happen to you some day eventually…. jAj Goodbye Sincerely, Batman

  13. ok cloud, if you want to quit, that’s totally fine. But think about why you want to quit. If it’s some stupid reason, don’t do it! But if this is what you really want to do, nobody’s stopping you. (I hope)
    BTW you were my insporation!

  14. awh, you’ve inspired so much people to start blogging, and now you might be leaving. we’ll all miss you! D:

  15. This is quite sudden! Hopefully, you may stay, to please your fans. But you should do what makes you happy. If you do quit, we shall be trusting the co workers on keeping this blog steady!

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