Strawberry Themed Rares~


Hey there! Are you a sweet tooth or a strawberry lover? If yes then you’re going to love the new strawberry themed rare items! Let’s take a look~


Gem combination to get…

  • Fresh Strawberry Hairstyle – 3 Moonstones
  • Overflowing Strawberry Dress – 3 Black Diamonds
  • Strawberry Low Heels – 3 Rubies
  • White Cake Board – 3 Diamonds
  • Strawberry Hat – 3 Emeralds

The items looks cute if they are worn together, to me it looks like a strawberry themed wedding gown hahah..but if you were to wear it separately, it wouldn’t look as good.

My favourite item here is the White Cake Board. It’s great that there isn’t any toppings on it so that you can change the theme of the cake. It kinda makes your fantagian a cake topper.


The style of the hair isn’t appealing to me, well because it meant to look like dollops of cream..or an over perm pink sparkly hair, which doesn’t look as bad hahah. I do love the colours though!


Hmm it’s still a pretty hair, you can also wear PBH to hide the dollop shape. What do you think about the new rare items?
Thanks for reading!


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