User-Inspired Items


First, a head sketch commission I did for someone on IG

Now, Fantage is holding another user-inspired items contest. I doubt I will be allowed to get chosen a second time but I’m still entering for fun. //cough cough I hope Fantage actually gives the makers their own items for free cough cough still salty about it cough cough anyway, I only made 2 sets… Here are the sketches, I outlines some already but I’ll be posting the finished product some other time

fantage wipss

I am not satisfied with the second dress for the girl so I’ll probably changes that and the first outfit for the boy //I need to do well because guys in suits are my aesthetic LOOOL


26 thoughts on “User-Inspired Items

  1. i can’t wait to buy your items :))))
    i can’t wait
    i love suits
    i wish there were suits
    for girls ;-;

    1. //there is that rare by Kitssay and I wear it almost 24/7 LOOOL
      tbh my design probably won’t get picked

          1. that’s pretty much NOT true
            kittsay won a lot
            so did apriss
            and there was a few other people who won multiple times

      1. i have your top
        and pants
        i’d give you your top ;-;
        i bet you have them though
        and your pants are worth so much
        i just sold one for 11K yesterday ;0;

  2. woah they’re gorgeous
    On the second girl some of her hair comes in front of her body. I suggest you don’t do that so much that it’s the most important part of the hair as Fantage apparently can’t make hair come in front of clothing items… One of the winners of the unicorn-inspired items event made a purple hair with strands that came in front; I saw girls who were wearing it where the strands stayed behind.

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