PM week+more!

Fantage released a lot of new “events”! good and bad.

Here’s the good first 🙂

Things to do with PM

March 18- March 20 2016 (that’s 2 days… not a week.)


Free Premium Membership for all!! (2 days only). During this time, take advantage of a few things:

  • Use all your Starred member gems
  • Search for things at MyMall for free
  • Go to the VIP room (nothing much there though)
  • Max out your Seahorse medal to 200!
  • Buy the 2x coupons and earn double the Stars when playing games
  • Get free (temporary) items from the PM Boutique

Exclusive Items


s  s1

Click on Sophia to check out the Exclusive item of the day (this starts in March 18th, so tomorrow).

She will be selling 100 copies of an item (probably for Gold). So be quick!!


She will post an item  at 10AM FST, and the same item at 4PM FST. Each time there will be 50 in stock, so 100 in total.

I imagine these would sell out very quickly, considering that there are thousands of Fantagian’s probably sitting behind their screens constantly clicking on Sophia xD (might sell out in seconds!).

UNLESS, Fantage prices everything at like 100,000 Gold haha. Then, good luck.

Here are the items that will be released:


So pretty especially that  hair!!

and that…


FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVERRR, Fantagian’s will have a (huamn) nose.

Dang this better be on FOX News tonight LOL.

Bad news

There has been a MyMall update.

This may bring pixel tears to many Fantagian’s tonight.

You can now only buy permission if you are a Premium Member.



My prayers will go out to all the Non Members who have always dreamed of starting a business at MyMall.

Tbh my prophecy is coming true xD ->

Anyways, peace out




16 thoughts on “PM week+more!

  1. Fantage losing their costumers
    Nobody wants to spend so much on membership
    TNS is gone
    Vintage Gold is gone
    Whats next?
    Q blast and Mymall vanish?
    I’m almost completely done with Fantage

  2. Just saying, I know they’re a bit all over the place with it. But it does say Premium Member weekend somewhere else. (Rather than premium member week which you’re correct, it’s not a week.)

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