Styling the Chic Hair

Here are some outfit ideas for the Chic hair! (it is for Premium Members, so wear it while you can!!)


This hair is quite basic and can be worn in many different ways! I also love how it is a natural color and doesn’t contain any accessories. This makes it easy on my part to style 😀

  1. This first outfit I went for a fancy out-for-dinner-at-a-high-end-place look. The rich and deep colors compliment the hair nicely.
  2. Second outfit is kind of playful and child like. The bangs from the hair adds a cute overall look ❤
  3. This outfit is for any day! its laid back, and casual, with neutral tones and some pops of dark pink.
  4. Ah, the perfect outfit for anyone who’s feeling adventurous and bold. The huge pink bow sure is a statement! 😉
  5. Stylish and comfy. What else can I say?
  6. Hit the beach with this relaxed, Hawaiian look!
  7. Lets go to the Palm! this outfit is awesome to dance in *uptown funk playing in the background*


~If you dont like the look of the top part of this hair, wear a head accessory!

Which outfit is your favourite? comment below!


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