Conspiracy theory: Disappearing servers

Each year on Fantage, servers go missing. They’re simply cut off the list, never to appear again.

Do you remember how many servers there were back then?




Notice how each server is titled with an animal name.

And see how they’re slowly disappearing one by one?

Do you see where I’m going?

Kids, the animals are going extinct.

The Cheetahs, giraffes, otters, lemurs, gone.

What if Fantage was really the real world, but in the future?

I mean it makes sense. Hoverboards, and all these animals going extinct.

Guys, the worlds gonna end and everyone’s just going to become reincarnated into Fantagian’s.

Yeesh, at least i’ll have a nice wardrobe 



13 thoughts on “Conspiracy theory: Disappearing servers

  1. maybe we will lose our nose bc the air gets gross and polluted and we develop a better way to filter and use the air rather than use our nose and thats why we become noseless fantagians

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