While Fantage is offering its free membership, get your free gift!  This way, you can get shields, springs, and goggles.

As I believe, these power ups can sometimes be useful.

Shield: blocks lasers (best used when you’re surrounded by trap cubes and/or misplace a bomb)

Springy: Actually, I don’t quite understand how to use this one, no matter how long I’ve played.  Based on its description, I’m assuming it will allow you to go through trap cubes, but I’m not sure. (sometimes it revives yourself, sometimes it doesn’t, so… idk) xD

Goggles: Pretty useless, but no harm in getting them if they’re free lol.

Anyways, I’m at Q-Blast right now, so if anyone wants to play, come to the first server.  It’s pretty, packed, too, so no doubt you’ll find a game pretty easily.

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