Spring Hangout! Over

Thanks everyone for coming!  I’m super sorry I arrived late.  As an apology to those who came before me, I’d like to offer 1,000 gold while you still have your kiosks.  You can use it for the user-inspired items coming soon!  🙂

Here’s who came before me (claim before Tuesday, otherwise I’m keeping it lol):

trixie20000 (claimed)

jocelyn12700 (claimed)



angielee2002 (refused to take the gold)

And some pictures!

Screenshot (424).png
Theme was Pajama Party!
Food theme!  Suggested by Yuki~chan Bae.
Everyone tried to dress like me, as chosen by Mangos.
Screenshot (426)
Book it or Bucket!  Haven’t played in a while.
Last to leave.

Thanks everyone for coming, I had a great time!  Sorry I had to postpone it, I’m sure some people who planned to go couldn’t due to the time change.  Sincerest apologies.

We first did a Fashion Show at my house.  And let me say, I’m probably the most unorganized person at that game that you’ll ever meet. xD

We then moved to Off the Hook after maybe 45 min – 1 hour of Fashion Show.

After a few games of Off the Hook, we played Book it or Bucket twice.  😉

I am definitely planning to do this again later in the week on a day I am certain I will be available for.  Also, for those of you who live on the other side of the world, I will try to schedule a time convenient for you all as well (even though I’ll probably have to stay up late). 🙂  I want everyone to be able to participate and have fun in events such as these!

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥


36 thoughts on “Spring Hangout! Over

  1. ohmygods i feel so bad!! i was there in the beginning and then halfway through the fashion show part i just went afk!! i was just standing there ;-; i’m so sorry i should have just left right away!! i had to go do some last-minute school stuff before tomorrow .-. but the hangout was so much fun!!~ (or at least the part i participated in)

  2. It was fun, but I’m sorry I had to leave early! Thanks for doing this, and for being so generous with your gold, my kiosk is 42B-3, and there are a couple of things there for 1k ovo

  3. Omg I can’t believe fantage has a hatsune Miku costume–
    Do those idiots on fantage even know what vocaloid is tho–

      1. Ohhhhhh
        As long as they don’t bring a Rin Luvvatory costume, then fantage won’t be even worse than it was before lol
        Don’t search what I just said plz

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