I Met Someone Nice

So, I was just going to Q-Blast (it was pretty vacant, since it’s late) and I played a game with someone named swissbliss.

She recognized me from this blog, and we played a few games of Q-Blast.  Her computer was really laggy, so I suggested we go to the arcade and play some games.

I took some pictures. 🙂

Screenshot (428)

We were trying to play Fruit Stack and my screen froze both times, so we decided to give up on that.

Screenshot (429)

We moved on to Snack Tac Toe, which is basically Tic Tac Toe… but with COOKIES.  Yum! 😛  I love the faces on the cookies. xD  And I’m probably being a bit immature at this point… but the cookies just look so cute! ;P

Saying goodbye.

So swissbliss had to leave because it was 1 am bad girl, staying up so late.  Jk jk, I stay up super late past 1 am all the time. xD  See, she even looks sleepy!

Haha, sorry if I embarrassed you with this post.  xP  Thanks for playing games with me, I had a great time!  🙂  I hope we can play again! (Oh my, the way I phrased that sounded so childish.)  I’m glad I got to meet you, you’re really nice and fun to hang out with!

If you see me, make sure to say hi! 😉  I’d love to play more games with y’all (btw, I’m thinking of planning some more game-days this week and possibly next week, which you’ve probably heard already).  Have fun!

“Playing games and having fun with friends is more important than selling and buying items and making moolah.” – Annabeth

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

P.S. Did you see my horrible-looking fabulous nose!? (I’m just trying to get used to the look tbh (and make use of my 10k gold lol).

11 thoughts on “I Met Someone Nice

      1. May I ask who is freely putting 1 star on all of Fantage Spy’s posts? THESE ROCK.
        TOTALLY 💛💛💛💛💛 HEARTS! (not stars, stars are the currency of Fantage.com and we all know we CANNOT stand these retorted currencies).
        But seriously, I wanna punch whoever keeps clicking that 1 star.

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