Easter Gameday for Others

Alright, so I’ve been aware that some people live in different time zones, so they can’t make it to most of my game days.  This gameday will be for those people.

When: Saturday 4:00 am Fantage Standard Time (It will be 1:00 in the morning so I will be tired. xD)

Where: Lilac Lemur – Meet in the Forest

Why: To celebrate Easter – even if you don’t celebrate Easter – with people who can’t usually attend my gameday events

What: More games – Hide & Seek, fashion show, Q-Blast, Splash, etc.

Duration: 1 hour, hopefully – Sorry it will be shorter than the other hangouts, but I can’t stay up for TOO long, and I don’t think there will be AS MANY people… I hope 1 hour is enough. 😐

I look forward to staying up late with y’all!

Questions or concerns?  Leave it in the comments below!  I hope you have an egg-celent holiday!

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

25 thoughts on “Easter Gameday for Others

        1. I’ve already committed to it. And anyways, it’s not that late for me… it’s kinda normal cuz of homework and all, but I don’t have school the next day and I can sleep in. xP

  1. It’s 4:00 for me.
    LOL which is probably when a small conflict in my dream is happening.
    Idk, my imagination is always very OFF…

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