❋8 Themed Outfits!❋

Here are 8 outfits that match the theme of the house! at the bottom of the post, make sure to vote for your favorite look 🙂


Get Inspired~ wear warm colors, and be sure to wear something purple! also long dangling earrings complete the look.h2

Wear average colors like yellow, green, blue, and red to give your outfit a crafty vibe.


You know, black, skulls, and items that give you the chills.H4

Wear a Kimono, and black/dark brown hair. This board from Orion’s Rare Finds is a key piece!h5

Wear your favourite bathing suit and some nice sandals. To give your look a more luxurious feel, put on some long dangly earrings.H6

High heels, purse, and panty hose. H7

Put on anything strawberry colored, and a bob length wig for a cheerful strawberry cutie look!h8.png

Ah Winter. A turtleneck and some comfy boots are all you need. Tip: wear a natural colored hair for a cozier appearance 😀


9 thoughts on “❋8 Themed Outfits!❋

  1. For the Asian look, it isn’t a Kimono. It is Hanbok, a traditional outfit that us koreans wear on special occasions like lunar new year, and Korean new year. I know cos I’m korean

  2. Um…okay, aren’t you Asian? Because the “Asian” outfit theme with the house is a bit stereotypical, I mean like not all Asians are Chinese, Japanese, or Korean…

    Anyways, the outfits fit nicely.

    1. Maybe I should have put something more specific like traditional Korean wear or something. (I accidentally mixed up the korean hambok with a Japanese house, oops xD)

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