Egg Hunt Prize!

So the prize for the egg hunt is this cute lil board:


You can receive this on March 30th….

That is, if you’re on the winning team.


I dont really like how this hunt is set up so that only 1 team get the prize, and the other team (who also tried very hard) loses. To me I just feel like the statistics are predetermined and that one team was bound to win, no matter how many eggs were collected on both sides. I mean notice how when the event started the stats are the same as the stats today?? (in a proportional sense) which makes no sense, because the stats should fluctuate according to the number of eggs each team has found (LOL a whole rant about eggs… real mature loool)

Like dont get me wrong, its only fair for winners to get prizes, but I just think that the stats are set up..?







14 thoughts on “Egg Hunt Prize!

  1. Don’t worry, it’ll probably become really worthless. >.<
    I already see some of the exclusive items that were originally sold for 10k being sold for 8k now because people regret buying them…

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