Cats VS Cucumbers

Reporter: There’s an event coming out tomorrow

Fantagian: ww-wait, another event you say?

Reporter: Yes, why?

Fantagian: Thats insane! thats like the 10th event we had IN A ROW. No break. Man, I’m runnin outta Gold if this continues..

Reporter: //whispers: this is on Live television. You need to leave.

Fantagian: *advertises kiosk* GO TO  KIOSK 24A-9 *runs*


Reporter: Oh okay um, anyways lets continue on with this new event. Cats VS Cucumbers!

Random bystanders:

Confused-Girl-Meme-03.jpgConfused-Girl-Meme-03.jpgConfused-Girl-Meme-03.jpgConfused-Girl-Meme-03.jpg wat the heck

Reporter: Here is the official event banner


Reporter: *reads script* *squints eyes* Erm, the new items-look…g-g-grea- *puts down microphone* I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE I QUIT


Reporter: I just wanted to say, that the items are a DISGRACE. Good bye.

Camera man: *takes over* She meant to say that they look great! heh.. so yeah, its Ninja Cats vs Cucumbers! wow! so good! cant wait….



If you guys didnt know, Fantage didnt just do Cats vs Cucumbers for no reason LOL. Its because in real life, cats are actually like scared of them:


^cough, more like Ninja Cucumber VS cat…

nWFTFeaxGr-6.pngk bye forgot to take mah meds today so sorry for this interesting post


7 thoughts on “Cats VS Cucumbers

  1. i did not know cats were scared of cucumbers….
    this question better come in last for some random quiz like a question that everything depends on and i better get it

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