New items coming sooon

Look at the new items that are coming soon! in my opinion they are REALLY cute. I also love how Fantage is using real life fashion trends in their clothing too.

I mean look, a floral printed crop top (that was popular in like 2013, but you know..)

Then, the SPACE BUNS. That’s tumblr. asf.

And thenn, another crop top; except this time it isnt THAT cropped.

WOo! cant wait until they are released!! super excited to do a fashion post 🙂

Oh and I cropped the hair out if anyone wanted to make an edit~

Yes the wig comes with a free ear (because I was too lazy to erase it LOL)

hair(srry its very messily cropped out)

And here’s a look I put together.. obviously you can tell that it is inspired by tumblr hehe:tumblr.png



10 thoughts on “New items coming sooon

  1. very tumblr-y gotta agree
    the man bun is totally just #OnPoint though
    omg the first guys’ hair (the pink one) is a recolor from the boyband event except it’s not brown NOOOO
    ehh it works anyway
    These actually look pretty nice! I’m definitely having hope in these ones. 🙂

  2. omg I love the buns (even though they’re tumblr af…)! Also, where did you get that black strapped crop top in the final outfit? I NEED to buy it! XD

  3. I love the buns (even though theu’re tumblr af…)! Also where’d you get the black strapped crop top in the last outfit? I love it and NEED it! XD Thanks! 🙂

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