New Items April 2016+Crop top law

New items have arrived on Fantage! (also, dont forget to get your free PM Gift if you are a Premium Member)


All the items are designed so nice! especially the ones for Non Members (yay!). But of course, they’re also really expensive 😦 especially that dress *o*

Anyways, complaints aside, I will be styling some of the items 😀

Blonde Double Bun

For non Members/5000 Stars/2500 eCoins/2500 Gold

Trendy (Stylish/boho/hipster/ outfits)


Strappy shoes, Timberlands, cropped tops, chokers, ear piercings, ripped jeans- that kind of stuff!



Flower crowns, flowy tops, pastel colors, bows :3- you know, things girly girls like 😉

Flower Crop Top



This top is extremely cropped, so be sure to wear something somewhat high waisted:

omg.jpg SERIOUSLY LOL, I see people wear crop tops like this… and I’m like bro, we can see your underwear!!!

and so that’s when I thought… Fantage should make up laws, and *cough* A DRESS CODE.

For example: "The distance between one's crop top and bottoms should not surpass 6 cm. Fantagians who do not go by with dress code will be fined 1,000 Gold"

I’m just kidding, but I actually cringe when I see crop tops paired with low hanging bottoms lool.

OK movin on~~

Field of Mushrooms

(ps: I bought this board with Gold just to do this post cuz I love yall so YALL better appreciate it LOOL)


This board is sao cutee!! what do you think? :3

Fashion Battle


Who do YOU think wore the hair better? vote anonymously!


psst, comment below our opinions on the new items/which is your favourite?



14 thoughts on “New Items April 2016+Crop top law

    i like the first one for the crop top
    fantage has been making so many crop tops lately

      1. Really surprised the blonde are for nons
        I literally thought the crop top was a strapless bra for a second >_>

  2. Im using the orange hair on one of my characters in my fantage animations! IM so happy it came out!

    And now I really want to buy the yellow skirt and wear it witha crop top……

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