Upcoming items April 2016

I am stunned at the new items coming out soon~!!!!


new4new5.PNG AHHHH~~~~~~~ SOO PREEETTYYY!!!

OMGOMG so excited






42 thoughts on “Upcoming items April 2016

  1. damn gonna be so broke after this >-<
    just watch as the next event after this has even nicer stuff but we all gonna be so broke

  2. i know when that gold line bling plz cheep lmao damn i only have 3,000 gold Fantage why you do this
    smh. Batman need some girl clothes for disguise cri cri oh great ppl think i cross dress ok

  3. hi cloud/britney asdfghjjkl

    lol damn fantage back at it again with the overpricing items but thats none of my business

    but srsly tho they have something nice for once LOL

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