5 Cute Spring/Summer Looks!- Easy

Here are some ideas for an outfit to wear during the Spring or Summer! (fun fact, its Spring for me right now but it literally feels like summer O-O)


All the items I use are either Lucky bot items, Cody’s Crazy Combo’s items, from the shop, prize items or easy-to-get Orion rares.


1st look- A simple, but pretty girly outfit!

Hair- CCC item

Hair accessory- From Stellars Salon

Outfit- High Tide (store on the island)

Shoes- Le Shope

Bag- Le Shope

Board- Orions Rares

2nd look- A fresh look for any day~

Hair- Lucky Bot

Top- Le Shope

Bottoms- Recent prize item

Shoes- Recent prize item

Board- Top Models (from free starter pack)

Watch- Le Shope

3rd look- A stunning purple goddess outfit!

Hair- Le Shope

Top- Le Shope

Hi-low skirt- Orion’s Rares

Shoes- Orion’s Rares

Board- Lucky Bot

4th look- Flowy casual look

Hair- Lucky Bot

Hair accessory- Stellars Salon

Top- Le Shope

Skirt- Le Shope

Shoes- Le Shope

Board- Board shop

5th look- Hipster festival wear 😀

Hair- prize item

Hair accessory- prize item

Choker- Le Shope

Top- Le Shope

Skirt- Orion’s Rares

Shoes- Orion’s Rares

Board- Lucky Bot

With my outfits, I really just want to inspire people and have you guys realize that you really dont need to spend that much to be fashionable. Its all about changing your perspective and digging out your true sense of fashion. And I’ll be honest here, but I actually think the outfits I make are really fashionable, and that some can even be compared to ‘high end’ outfits.

So please dont always look at the cup half empty and force your parents to buy you Gold/membership because you think only having Gold, or being a member can make you look better.

Really, I dont think having membership or a lot of popular items can make you any more fashionable. You should make your own choices and not live up to other peoples “standards”. Dont dress a certain way to get friends, or to get a bae/whun. Just try always to be positive and think of various ways to get around in life :*

And if you’re thinking “easy for you to say!” I can tell ya that I did once have a “noob” inventory and I still found ways to be fashionable-

(yeah I got hacked in the middle of the video bahah xD that’s when I was stupid and gave away my account info.)

~cloud82 ♔

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