A night in… London?

Hey, remember how Fantage was originally going to do a Night in Paris?:

picture credits to: agentfantage.wordpress.com

But they changed it to:


A night in London?

Well this probably happened because of people Emailing Fantage how there was recently a terrorist attack in Paris and how it isn’t appropriate to casually just make a prom event right after..

A Fantagian (@jimmyfantage on Instagram) most likely influenced them the most. Here is a post he made:


His post reads:

“…I was about to overlook the theme they had, but it seemed weird to choose Paris out of everything. If they were thinking about love with Valentine’s Day, that day has passed. And then it struck me, didn’t Paris have a terrorist attack? I know fantage is hella stupid, but this takes the cake. How are you going to make a theme of one of the largest national crisis of last year? It led to the death of 140 French people. Maybe they don’t pay attention to the social world, or they hate the French. Regardless this is laughable and that stigma will never leave the “winners” that are selected. If you’re making the items hoping that they give you your set for free, nuh-uh they don’t do that anymore. They’re too cheap, remember?

The bottom right picture is French police patroling the Eiffel Tower againt any terrorists in the area. They lit the tower up with the colors of the flag to signify hope. I imagine fantage would be as passively ignorant like that Lepraucaun. I can’t, they make me sick. 😂

#fantage #fantasticage “- JimmyFantage

A few days later he posts this:


The post reads:

“Fantage has been looking at my posts. I know this because they released the soldier set which relates back to my Paris terrorism hate post a few weeks ago. They tried to be cute with the gun and made it shoot bubbles, but I got rid of them and showed it for what it really is, just a gun that the Paris soldiers carried with them after Paris was attacked by terrorists…”-JimmyFantage

I just wanted to inform you guys on why it randomly changed from Paris to London. I honestly dont want to contribute any of my opinions to this because its such a sensitive topic to some people and I dont want to hurt anyone.


24 thoughts on “A night in… London?

  1. jfc paris is a big city and I think it’s been said before by employees that fantage plans events months ahead. People need to stop getting pissed at insignificant coincidences.

  2. I don’t know, isn’t what he says a bit too harsh? Yes, Paris was attacked by terrorists, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made into an event for Fantage. The attack was horrible and it would leave a big impact, but Paris would continue to strive forward even after it.

      Let’s say that Christians really hate the movie Frozen because they think the creators have had a progressively homosexual agenda (which many Christians do believe, look online.) Then Fantage makes a winter event based on Frozen and they sell some of the clothing from the movie and have games where you build snowmen, etc., all that cute Fantage stuff. But then someone like Jimmy makes a post on Instagram about how it’s completely outrageous and offensive to Christians and that the event should be taken down.
      It’s a perfect analogy. If a certain city or a movie or something has had something negative happen to it, even if something as bad as a terrorist attack, I don’t think that it’s all of a sudden inappropriate to make something positive of it, like a fun event on a kids’ site.

  3. Bad things happen everywhere. Yes it’s awful that those people were killed, but people have been killed everywhere. Am I not allowed to say that I like broadway if people have been killed near there before?
    That’s major bs, and I’m really surprised that Jimmy was promoting faux outrage

    1. Exactly. There are always shootings everywhere. Like in Newtown, Connecticut, for example, there was a shooting that killed 27 people. But let’s say that it’s a place that’s amazingly famous for its bars and fancy dinners and stuff and Fantage makes a fancy dinner event that’s Newtown-themed. Then all of a sudden it’s offensive.
      Like seriously. -_-
      Fantage also planned this event BEFORE the Paris shooting accident.

    1. It just scares me a bit. This isn’t the first time events have gotten a bit too close. Granted, they plan ahead, far ahead. But it’s not like this just happened and they already planned it…

  4. well you can say that london was bombed to the ground back in ww2 and how dare they choose london?? that’s so inappropriate!

  5. Off topic, but isn’t this a kids game ?! Fantage probably didn’t meant it, and just wanted to make something for the children, these 16 year olds on the other hand are thinking about this WAY too far.

    1. I kinda agree. Most users are too young to even know what had happened. Jimmy should be careful though, people are already mad about the whole recoining thing. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t even like Fantage and is trying to make users quit.

  6. I could make several ridiculing analogies about this.
    Why make a Japanese event if Hiroshima was bombed over 70 years ago?
    Why make a London event if it was bombed even longer ago?
    Why make a Manhattan or NYC event if the Twin Towers were bombed there 15 years ago?
    Why make a Frozen event if many Christians believe it’s gay and offensive?
    Like really.
    Fantage didn’t have to listen to that overreaction.
    I’m not exactly on their side and supporting them anymore (as in I quit), but they have my opinion that they could’ve proceeded to make that Paris event with no harm done.

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