Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. I’ve just lost motivation to do any posts on Fantage because- I have no more Gold, and it feels like the game only revolves around Gold nowadays- therefore I cant really do anything?? (except play games). But the thing is my blog is mainly like a Fantage fashion blog.. and if I want to blog about fashion I need to buy Gold.. which is never happening because I dont have money lol.

So yea, I’m kinda in a messy situation right now 😦


13 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. I agree so much. I only have a little gold but I don’t even go on anymore tbh. Fantage changed a lot :000
    Id give you my gold if you want or have permission if you want since you seem to need it more than me lol

  2. What happened to those headers you were going to make for some people? 😛
    Maybe you could use art as your motivation? 🙂

  3. Same…that was me about a year ago. I was fed up with the new fantage and quit, deleted my blog and stopped going on wordpress other than to keep up with what was happening on my fav blogs.

  4. agreed. my gold is slowly dwindling down. and fantage has really changed over the years.
    i like the fashion part of fantage, but it’s hard to create outfits if you don’t have enough gold to buy more clothes, like you said

  5. You can go into Photo Booth to do Fantage fashion and yeah I agree. We can’t even earn anymore gold because non members can’t buy permissions in MyMall, so the only way to get gold is to get a permission from daily attendance, which I’m pretty sure they removed or buy membership and gold. It’s really sad to see Fantage change so dramatically 😦

  6. I agree. Omg. I don’t want to spend my money on Fantage so..
    Maybe, you can post about random stuffs on Fantage, like my blog? Since I have to taste about fashions, so I just post random things

  7. Lol, Cloud. I don’t even have Gold. xD Yet I’m still here, posting, still standing strong! So you can still continue to post whatever you want 😉
    And I agree, everything is about Gold now. we might as well just boycott Fantage or something.

  8. I’;m kinda going through the same thing…
    The excitement of posting and watching reactions has just lost its flair

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