Prom 2016 New dress| Outfit Ideas



  • Best when worn with colors (a black and white/silver outfit is quite boring, just like my third outfit haha). > If you arent sure, just wear some gold!
  • Dont accessorize overly. The sparkles in the dress are already distracting (but glamorous)



  • For a soft, “innocent”, look, go for a light natural colored hair
  • Pair with touches of gold
  • Wearing an unnatural colored hair is risky, but bold 😉




  • Royal blue doesnt clash well with many colors (if you wear too many colors, your outfit might look messy)
  • Long dangly earrings will make your entire look seem elegant~
  • unicorn head… why not?!

Tbh I am in love with all the dresses *o* but if I had to chose, my favourite would be the second one (peachy pink dress). I love the lace details and the ruffles of the long dress. The pixeling was also done very well ❤


5 thoughts on “Prom 2016 New dress| Outfit Ideas

  1. woah rlly good! I like all de dresses too, BUT THEY MAKE IT SO EXPENSIVE! Ugh fantage only wants money. WELL GUESS WHAT I AM DETERMINED TO NVR BUY UR ONLINE STUFF-WASTING MY MONEY!!
    lol srry back to subject XD
    Grt blog!

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