(basic) Mother’s Day outfit ideas!

Warning, the following images contains content that some users may find basic:looks.PNG

Did your eyes fall out of your sockets because the outfits are just toooo basic for you?

Hope not. Because I tried to make them look the opposite of basic, while using popular items.

Tips for real life:

Do not wear the first outfit.

Just think, how would your mom feel if she was walking down the street with her child wearing an I LOVE MOM tee shirt??

Ok she might feel great but trust me, If I were a mom, that would be the last thing I’d want. Like, would you want to walk with your mom with her wearing a shirt that says “My Kid is Awesome!


Now you know.

Tips for Fantage

If you want to tell the world that you’re a feminist mom lover celebrating mothers day, go right ahead and compile all things “mom” themed into an outfit-

and strut the heck outta your house into downtown.

Nobody gives a flying nugget.

~cloud82 jk im banned

~person who owns fantage spy




14 thoughts on “(basic) Mother’s Day outfit ideas!

  1. how are those outfits BASIC CLOUD THEY’RE FAB <33
    but anyway we all love our moms 😀
    although I don't think I would want to be wearing a shirt saying "I ❤ MOM" in public o_O

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