Mothers’ Day Games

Thanks everyone for coming!  I’m sorry it was so short notice, I totally forgot Fantage was 3 hours ahead of me shows how long it’s been since I’ve played.  Anyways, I actually wrote the post thinking 6:30 MY time and then it was 3:27 when I realized that 6:30 FST was actually 3:30 PST.  So I panicked and ran upstairs in a mad rush to turn my computer on and log onto Fantage.  Alas, I was 1 minute late… and nobody was there LOL.  So thank you Rainbowstar for inviting people from the other server, and thanks everyone for coming on such short notice!

I didn’t actually expect many people to come because I sent the invite so late, but there were quite a few people, considering the circumstances.  xP

We only played 3 games, but I had fun!  Book It or Bucket, Off the Hook, and house-held Fashion Show.  I kind of like doing the Fashion Show where the winner becomes judge because it keeps the game more fun than eliminating people.  It’s also less stressful lol.

Here’s some pictures!

I think Blizz got lost.
We’re the only survivors.
Anime theme!  I failed LOL.
Theme was… trees… Yeah, I guess I’ll never be a tree when I grow up.

Thank you Meme aka chiirp for taking these photos!  I totally didn’t invade your hose and screenshot from your photo album.

Screenshot (482)

Screenshot (483)

Screenshot (484)

Thanks again everyone for having fun playing games with me!  I think this will be my last, possibly second to last, gameday until school gets out, which is in about a month and a half.  I’d only be able to host another one if I’m not busy tomorrow… but it’s Mothers’ Day tomorrow, so I’m not entirely sure that will happen.

Again, I’m on semi-break (I probably made that up) but basically I’ll post every once in a while and I’ll respond to notifications, but I won’t be reading posts or posting daily.  I also won’t be logged onto WordPress all day, so I might respond to things late. :\

Anyways, I’ll leave it at that.  TTFN~

Sayonara! ~Annabeth♥

23 thoughts on “Mothers’ Day Games

  1. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! 😀
    It’s 9:34am for me and I slept a lot so I understand why I couldn’t join it ;-;
    So sad tho

    1. I’m sorry. It was really short notice, I wish I could’ve thought more about it but I thought today might be a good day… hopefully there can be another one soon? idk

            1. Oh, I see. XD Typos are what make me an Annabethian. I won’t be changing that. Feel free to torture me with this phrase for the rest of my life. xP

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