Q-Blast: narrated

When Fantage goes all hunger games on you (AKA it glitches and you end up having to kill your own team mate in order for the game to end).

Pixey: Oo yas a powerup!!
Lil Bot: Well shiz I am going to die- come on, why are all the powerups on their side??


Pixey: *drops bomb* Mmm powerups everywhere >: D
Lil bot: I get poison??? ok heaven, take me in already. I accept my defeat.


Pixey: *shows off skill* *does not die* *is a boss*
Lil bot: *hides in corner*omg2

Pixey: That lil bot got a car too??
Lil bot: YAS I GOT A CAR- the tables have turned.. *glances* wait- what the hell?? she got one too??omg3

Pixey: *drops bombs everywhere* mwahaha
Lil bot: Oh shiz oh shiz oh shiz RUNNN- omg5

Pixey: I iz boss. Why isn’t the game ending yet??
Lil bot: -rises to heaven-omg6

Pixey: *self destructs*
Lil bot:
Fantage: *trolls*
Mona lisa: *”smiles”*omg8


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