Styling: Pizza Slice Shirt

Having a hard time styling this shirt?

Just think. You’re going to a friends bbq (or some casual event). What would you wear?


  • Its a white shirt, you can literally wear anything with it.
  • Go for a casual look
  • For a fun summer outfit, match with colorful accessories.
  • For a modest look, go for a color scheme that revolves around 1-2 colors.



Mainly using: Limited items/retired items



Mainly using: Limited items/shop items



Mainly shop items/rare items




7 thoughts on “Styling: Pizza Slice Shirt

  1. //off the topic//
    Are you still suffering from your braces?
    Because my mother said at June 29th, I’ll pull my teeth out since there are no spaces for other teeths to grow ;-;

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