2 Types

Are you…

Casual vs Fancy?


Mainstream vs “Rare”?



neither cuz you’re hipster af?

Comment below!



27 thoughts on “2 Types

  1. “I wear cheeto bags, when I’m done with my cheeto bag I just stick ’em on my face.”
    Don’t be this person, take Advil now, we also recommend a daily dose of steroids with the medicine.
    (Side affects are death, eyes burning, loss of toes, face melting, and if taken with too many steroids it may start slowly destroying your internal organs, or sometimes just random pain in the abdomen)
    Now I’m just randomly talking about medicine
    Anyways, I’m usually casual style but just with slippers.

  2. i’m trash
    do you see me on fantage i’m literally wearing a potato sack shirt and i’m wearing a banana on my head

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