Skit: Locked house

Susan: COME TO MY HOUSE TO FIND A BAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome! awesome! awesome! awesome! 


Bob: *whispers to friend*: why is she saying awesome?!?!

Bob’s friend: Its complicated… whoever created our world really hated us and casted some sort of spell so that “bad” words would be sensored. And so the only way we would know if we’re actually talking is to type “ugly“. Dont ask…

Bob: uhh. okay.. well do you wanna go? 😉 

Bob and friend:

*arrives at Susans house*

*tries to open the door*

Door: *is locked*

Bob and friend: damnit. Why dont people ever bother to check if their houses are unlocked before advertising their parties???

20 minutes of yelling later…

Susan: *goes home*

What?!?!? NOBODY CAME?

omg that is it. I am never hosting a party ever agai-

*sees note*


 Susan: -_- *flips imaginary table*


psst, how is everyone’s summer so far? please dont get lit on the beach without mee 😉 (jk I know u guys have no friends and will be hanging out with netflix*)

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