Life update+OOTD

Heey its finally summer!! school is over and so it is time to hit the beach, go camping, and hang out with friends!

I mean I dont do any of that^ but everytime I scroll through Instagram, that’s all I see LOL. And I’m just sitting here… in a pile of my own excrements…

like to be realistic, out of these entire 2 months, I’ll probably go to the beach twice, or go outside like once a week?? ha ha ha *sad*

The other 50 or so days I spend in my cave, getting my face tanned from the light of my computer screen LOOL

OH and not to mention, I am going to summer school!! woo *ha ha haa….*

I try to think of summer school in a positive way, because technically summer break doesnt have to exist.. so i techhnicallyyyy I am just going to school like usual. But it is shortened! so yay?? 😀

Anyways these days I have also been really into oil painting but I haven’t gotten my hands on any (yet) becausE THEY ARE SO EXPENSIve AHH. I asked my mom and she was like nawww

So I’m going to be getting a job after summer so maybe I can buy them!! if anyone here paints/oil paints, please comment below some tips/info! thanks

Here’s the OOTD:

ootd1 Rate out of 10 in the comments below!



24 thoughts on “Life update+OOTD

  1. 9.5/10. It’s so cute!
    I also have to go to summer school. Technically summer camp because I will have to do crafts and stuff… in this program in M.S 74…
    So, if your into painting like me, the first step is if you want vibrant colors, take the paint, wet your brush, and dip it in the paint. Whether it’s watercolors or acrylic, it can work bun acrylic works wwayyyy better. For watercolors, you have to use alot of water. If you have a pallete on the paint, or if you have your own, then you add the color you want and add water. You just wet the brush, and then wet the entire paint kind of section, and placd on the pallete and do the same thing over and over again. Hope that helped. My arms are gunna break. xD

  2. I’ve done oil painting for a while but my mom is like a hardcore painter lmao
    I agree it’s pretty expensive and then there are also brushes and paint thinner and some other stuff
    Good luck on getting a job uvu

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