5 BTS Outfits!

Click here to view Part 1 of my BTS series from 2015.

The night before Christmas back to school: *lays out all school supplies* *picks outfit* *watches Back to School videos on Youtube* *is extremely excited*

Morning of first day of school: *wakes up very early* *is still very excited*

First day of school is over: -___- why was I even excited in the first place? euhghgh i hate school byebyebyebyebye

Yup, that^ is me every single year.

Anyways, in this post I will be sharing some fashionable back to school outfits! (not like you’re going to school on Fantage but I mean you could lool).

But I feel like every day is summer break on Fantage. I mean imagine if you had to wake up every morning at 8am to log into Fantage just to go to school LOL. And at the end of each year, Fantage distributes a report card..

oh gosh.

Off the Hook: B+

Art History: B+

Word Up: B+

Where in the World: B+

Math: A

Gym: A

Ah, horror aside, lets begin!


Things to wear:

  • Bags (backpacks, side bags)
  • Comfy shoes (preferably no heels)
  • Glasses(?)
  • Modest clothes (because lets pretend there is a dress code)


Q: Does your school have a dress code? if so, how “strict” is it? comment below 🙂





3 thoughts on “5 BTS Outfits!

  1. School is so exhausting. We had a test on the 2nd day. D:
    And it’s weird moving from an all-uniform school to a high school with no dress code. (There’s someone who dresses like a ninja from Naruto EVERY DAY.) I like being able to dress more freely though. xP

  2. Dress code:
    shirts~ 2 finger tip length straps, has to cover everything but arms are fine.
    pants~ have to be up to your fingertips, aka no girl shorts but you can wear those ones to your knees that are pretty hard to find
    hats~ no hats

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