PM Week’s Only Purpose:


Yeah… still level 50. Haven’t played much. Heck, this doesn’t even really have a purpose because I hardly play, much less use power ups.

I’m kinda salty that they don’t let you buy MyMall permissions. I have so much stuff I don’t want that could potentially be potential to other players. :\ Plus, my gold is just slowly depleting….

On a different note, since I haven’t been here in a LONG time (here as in the Fantage Blogger Realm) I was thinking we could have a gameday sometime next week. That is, if I don’t have an overwhelming amount of homework. Well, and if anyone’s still interested. I know I’ve gotten boring over the past month(s). I don’t have any details, and I’m not even sure if I’m gonna do one yet.

If you’re interested in a gameday, please comment below so I can determine if it’s worth my time to plan it or not. (Not that hanging out is a waste of time.)

Love y’all! Sorry for the inactivity. 😉


12 thoughts on “.

  1. i might be free next week to play, depends on what happens during my schedule.
    i hope people come though, it would be nice to see everyone again in the community :’D

  2. I might come, I just have school and I live in Australia so there’s a different time zone. ( My user is yay11002 so if u see me plz add meh 😉 😀

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