Aint the last

As you can tell from the posts I’ve been producing lately, they’ve become veryy boring (and I can tell myself). I guess this blog in general is decomposing and honestly that is the result from the lack of motivation.

When you aren’t motivated to do something but you force yourself to continue, the things you produce are just so dull and lifeless. (My posts are a prime example of that).

I mean sure, I’m still posting the same old things I’ve been posting for years: outfit ideas, “funny” posts- but there is just pieces missing.

I just think everything is a cycle here on planet earth. People and things come n go, and nothing gold lasts forever. I think it may be about time for this blog to be put down.

I’m not sure when? maybe soon?

Though it actually already died a few months ago, what I’m talking about is physical. As in, stop blogging completely and remove all the authors, but keep the site up- like a museum on display. (think of it that way 🙂 )

Tbh I dont want to quit but I have to. Its time. Next thing you know I’ll be 50 and blogging.

Just imagine.

Jobless, broke, but still blogging.

I dont want that LOL.

Anyways this isn’t my last post. I dont want it to be 😦

(if you read everything, ily ❤ )


14 thoughts on “Aint the last

  1. Hey! reply to this comment because I want your input!
    What kinds of posts do you want to see?
    A) ONLY Fantage posts.
    B) Random life posts/updates
    C) Fantage posts AND random life posts/updates

    Ty c:

  2. aww, sucks that you want to quit but i’m sure pretty much all of us feel that way.
    maybe you’ll still be around on your other blog and instagram.
    good luck! ❤

  3. You saw my post, I’ve been lacking inspiration too.
    But I’m not going to quit, I’m going to leave the blog as it is, and post if I want to.
    Don’t quit, stay. Three years is a lot, a lot of memories. Don’t leave them, stay.

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