Is Fantage closing down soon?

Hey everyone.

Before you read this post, take a few deep breaths to prevent any hyperventilation from happening.


Also if you can, try to read the entire post? I know it’s long but it’s quite important.

So just a few minutes ago I was on Fantage’s Glassdoor profile. (Glassdoor is a website where you can see employee reviews).

I was reading the most recent review which was from June 21 2016:


“company is almost closing down”

ok, calm. Calm. Calm…

this may or may not be true (but I got a feeling it is).

I mean, anyone could sense it. The game is just going downhill and honestly I’m not sure if it’ll ever make a comeback.

Not to be negative n all, but if you just read the reviews, it’ll all make sense.

Here are some snippets of the cons one employee wrote out:

image image

“Upper management [is] blinded by their selfish ambitions… Instead of embracing new ideas from their employees, they refuse to change for the better”

“We had a chance to bounce back and thrive, but now it’s just an empty shell of greed”.

What they’ve said is so true! I mean us Fantagian’s don’t even work for Fantage but we could already tell that the game has just become a soulless thing of greed 😦

And I find it really sad because they DID have an opportunity for a come back (like stated in the review), but upper management just ruined it.

Poor employees. They’ve probably got so many great ideas for the game, but it’s not like they get to make the rules..


Back to the point of the post…

I just feel like Fantage is trying to make as much money as they, no matter what that means- increasing item prices, giving non members less privileges, etc. (Which is all happening right now).

Because it wouldn’t matter any more, since they’re just going to shut down the game.

But that’s just what I think.


re-post this and type out your opinion on this situation (if you want to). 😥






47 thoughts on “Is Fantage closing down soon?

  1. Mm I agree. I think that Fantage made a bad move by adding so many pm benefits and how if you don’t spend money, you won’t have an enjoyable experience.
    And because this turned so many people off, they had to add more ways for them to earn money.
    I wish the old fantage was back ;(

    Lol but if they do close down, they should create a new game coz I think their concepts are good.

  2. It was a real mistake replacing Vintage Gold. Obviously the prices weren’t that great, but at least nons could get rare items and premiums could get items too (without gold). I feel like they created the PM boutique to work Into the plan for My mall. Without Vintage gold there’s no stores where you can get rare items, so they created My Mall.

      1. I joined when Trade N Sell still existed, but I didn’t have time to get any good Items because I didn’t understand

  3. i mean like it makes sense that fantage needs money since it’s a company, so i don’t blame them. but it’s gotten really greedy for money by adding more pm benefits and not allowing non-members basically anything: shop in mymall, pm boutique, even the freaking spa. i liked tns, but i didn’t play a lot at that time (i think tns closed around november?? and i joined around april 2013) but i wish they would replace something better with pm boutique

  4. I agree, all the reviews on Glass Door says that the Upper Management are greedy and doesn’t listen to your ideas

    A new employee review was just posted today (October 1st) with the same complaints

  5. Yeah.I emember joining fantage when I was six.Back then’it was much fun.Like the balloon catcher event,I was a poor non with 50 ecoins and 5000 stars? And I could afford the limited item of the costume for the nons.Now?Hardly any items for the nons.

    1. Haha I remember back then when they first released the “get 25 eCoins” if you watch an ad! And I would just keep watching ads until I got enough to buy things 😛
      And that took a really long time. LOL

  6. agreed. fantage has been doing a lot of things wrong; it feels like they know they’re going downhill and are just trying to make a last grab for money before they go out of business.

  7. Honestly, ever since Trade n Sell was taken away, things went down hill from there. I think it REALLY went down when Gold was introduced as a new currency.
    I think a really bad change occurred then in the upper management, which made Fantage into what it is today: a greedy business than a fun game. The only people playing now are kids who use their money to buy membership or people who have been playing for years and can’t seem to quit. I feel bad fro the employees. 😦

    1. I agree 😿😿 like I joined in 09 and it’s really hard to quit because i put so much into my account and if I were to just abandon it, I’d feel guilty😭

  8. Reblogged this on Fantage Sweetarts and commented:
    I saw this post on and I am absolutely devastated by this. I love fantage, it has been like a second home to me for over 6 years now, and the fact that it might close down is sad.

    It’s true though, Fantage is going downhill because 1. they are not listening to the people who play Fantage, and 2. they aren’t going the right with with making money. In my opinion I love getting a membership.. but to me it is just so expensive. My opinion is, I feel like they should give non members more privaleges.

  9. Yeah agreed. When I joined fantage in 2011 it was way better than this. After gold came along, Vintage Gold closed down and now clothes are costing 6000 stars… it’s going downhill, like what you said. It’s sad that it’s just really bad now. >_>

    1. Yeah! Like one day the items at le shope/salon are going to reach 10,000 stars. And if you told me that 1 year ago, I would not have believed you 😲😂

  10. Honestly, I wouldn’t even care if Fantage closed down. No one even plays anymore, all my friends quit, and I’m not a member, so what’s the point?

  11. I joined when they had ‘Trade ‘N’ Sell.’ Ever since they deleted Trade ‘N’ Sell and Vintage Gold, Everyone really didn’t like it anymore. They need to add stuff for non. I am a non though…LOL. Its sad that they are shutting it down but its for the best…

    BURN THE CLOTHES THAT COST 9028490238490823094829038 STARS AND 2938749283749827394872398749283748923784798237 ECOINS AND 9032890840983209480392849023848320948029380492893840932840293849238409238409238490823908409238957895628091028494739857893266476239847893724894Y982374897298347723987498347 GOLD


    fantage is an unfair site that is too expensive and
    filled with inappropriate kids that are like 8. fantage also
    gives little rights to loyal nonmembers. fantage is trying too
    hard and ignoring all the fantagians asking for the old
    fantage. there are other reasons why [and alot].

  13. Fantage seems to have lost a lot of employees. The games don’t seem to be properly maintained anymore, as errors that have been present for months go unfixed. Secret Adventure won’t stop lagging long enough to move anywhere, and Fashion has that annoying problem where it crashes during the third round. I’ve sent contact emails to them about other issues and inquiries, from basic questions about where some costumes can be worn, to spending nearly 2,000 e-coins on a bathing suit, and still not being able to enter the hot springs. Fantage has significantly gone downhill since I first started playing about 8 or 9 years ago. They’ve changed quite a bit, and now it feels like they’re struggling- constantly trying to add a new (what might as well be premium member only) event, rather than making any attempt to fix what benefits they already had going. They’re most recent event involves playing some of the old gem-earning games for pieces of a staff? Doesn’t work if they won’t even bother to completely fix the games to the point where they’re playable. When I first joined Fantage, there wasn’t always an event, where you had to be a premium member to get anything done. In fact, there were quite a number of things you could do as a regular member. Fashion shows were a bit harder, but at least they worked through the entire game. Games were cool and new. And playable. A number of rare items were available to non-members. When e-coins came out, it was the best thing ever. Suddenly, it seemed like a fantastic new way to level the playing field for us nonmembers. And then, they switched to gold- where everything was purchasable only by real money, once again. I used to think about possibly purchasing a small duration of membership, just as a fun tryout thing. But I won’t do it until I know Fantage has fixed everything I used to love about it because I know it isn’t worth it. I’m not saying that I want them to plop everything back to the way it was in 2008 (although that would be fine with me). I just want them to take a break from constantly trying to make a profit, and start making a better effort to fix what they have.

    I know that this is a rather old post, but I really hope Fantage can see this.

    (Loss of employees is the only reasonable explanation I can think of for this mess. Lack of maintaining the game, no response to “Contact Us” emails, and let’s not forget the free premium accounts that are just lying around the internet. Those used to get banned next to immediately. Now, the ones from six months ago still work.)

    1. It’s just a chain reaction! With all the users quitting, less people are purchasing/playing and so they probably had to lay off a whole bunch of employees… with in turn lowers the quality of the game, leading to more people quitting, etc. They’re pretty doomed lol

  14. It already shut down, i tried to log in but i just got a screen that said “CLICK HERE TO GET THE LATEST FLASH PLAYER!” and it didn’t take you anywhere. rip Fantage

  15. i know i’m pretty late to this post, but what it’s like on fantage now proves that it’s becoming pretty bad, there is almost nothing to do. the events are either re-used ideas or activities that only premium members could do, even these aren’t as frequent anymore. there aren’t as many active users and you rarely see full servers. wondering why they didn’t shut down already.

  16. i remember playing this and having someone show to me i didn’t even get that far in the game or much experience but rip the memories

  17. I am an old member in fantage like even before creating the island around 2008 back then fantage was simple word there was no ecoins only stars and pm honestly I have been always non pm but I have noticed that the gold thing and ecoins have made difference in the way of dealing because it was obvious from appearance whether you are cool or not .. Honestly the only thing I am sad about that i used to have friends there back in my childhood and i met my first love there lol am also sad for those people who paid hard to be popular or to get rare items for now their money is like going to trash. . otherwise, it has been a boring game and last choice to login again sorry but that’s my point of view

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