Fantage Spy’s history of headers…

Welp, here’s a cringe worthy timeline of my header making skills. From cringiest-> cringe. Aka, my earliest headers, to most recent.


^HH MY EYES. TB to when I used Lunapic to make headers LOL. I remember downloading that font because I thought it was cool… what.. was. i. thinking..

and yeah, I’m pretty sure I stole that edit LOL OOPS



^I remember being really proud when I made this header. *pats on back*


headerbackthen1Shortly after my Lunapic phase, I discovered good ol pic monkey.headerbackthen2


OMG LOL MY CHEESY QUOTES PHASE HAHA EWcoolheader2copy-copy-header41.jpgheaderbackthen6headerbackthen5headerbackthen3copy-copy-header.jpg

“stayed classy since 2012”???LOL thats grammatically cringey headernow.jpgheaderheader1.jpg


woo my photoshop cs2 phase!cropped-header11.jpgcopy-header61.jpgheader1.pngheader.jpgheader2.png

OH GOSH did i just say nutella. literally why??? did I think I was cool or something? LOLheader2.jpg

^wat the frickin frack header11.jpgcopy-copy-copy-fantagespy_header21.jpgcropped-header1.pngcropped-headerfs.jpgblogheader.jpgcopy-fantageheader.jpgfsheader22.jpgcropped-fsheader12.pngcropped-header1.pngheader4cropped-fheader.pngheader.pngfantage spy header

my hipster phase /o>o/header11.pngheader2cropped-header.pngcropped-header34.pngheader

^wow this is the only header im not cringing atheader4headerheader5

yup. So you’ve just witnessed my entire life (2012-present), in header form.

Thanks for sticking with me from the beginning to the end

and thanks for not abandoning me, even during my awkward header phase.

but then again, in a year, I’ll look back at this post and probably puke HAHA


16 thoughts on “Fantage Spy’s history of headers…

  1. Woooowww this is so cool
    But like I remember the header when I first saw ur blog and it’s not on here
    I think it was this person wearing blonde bb and cat tail with arms crossed saying something???

    1. OHHH YEAHH! I dont think it was blonde bb?? I think it was the blonde intriguing hair and a blonde ponytail edited together
      You have insane memory xD

  2. random question:
    did you make the most recent ones of pic monkey or photoshop?
    (I just remember you saying something about doing stuff on photoshop idek)

  3. Lol that Chinese New Year one…I’m Chinese,and that one really impressed me.Oh yeah the first one was like…weird?My interest of fantage has gone down(even if I’m only 9)and can I ask this inappropriate question? Do you have a YouTube channel,and if you do,what is it? Thanks

  4. I remember finding your blog in 2013 and thinking that you were the coolest Fantagin ever xD I also remember you made a post with my comment and I freaked out

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