WordPress Got Talent 2016!

Man, I feel like the WordPress community has been really dead recently :-/ so here’s something that would hopefully revive everyone again 😀

Welcome, children, to:

WordPress Got Talent!


*sheep sounds in the distance* (just pretend you’re excited okay?? lolol)

Here’s how it works.

This is an individual contest; so there are NO teams.

There will be several rounds, and in each round, people will be eliminated.

There will be only 1 winner.

There’s going to be a few judges.

If you want to participate, you can either be a Judge, or a Contestant (LOL, this is like the movie nerve: Are you a watcher or a player?)


Yeah might as well just tell you now that the prize isnt spectacular. It aint going to be membership or gold or items. Because quite frankly, the majority of people here dont even have membership to open up a kiosk at MyMall.

So, the prize will be blog related 😉

Might be an advertisement? a header? who knows?

Just join for fun! ❤

Join Now!!!


Comment below your FANTAGE USERNAME, and if you want to be a JUDGE or CONTESTANT.

*notice: there will only be around 3-5 judges*

More Info

When will this begin? When I get enough people to join

When will this end? End of October.

So, what will contestants be judged on? Each round I will assign something to create. Like a header, an outfit, an edit, a drawing, or writing etc.


If you have more questions, comment below!



30 thoughts on “WordPress Got Talent 2016!

  1. is this event going to be like on fantage itself (like they do activities in fantage) or on wordpress? if it’s the former, i don’t want to participate, but i can do the latter.
    would like to judge :^))

  2. hhhey i’d totally join to be a judge, but i don’t want to reveal my fantage username..
    and i even forgot it too, LOL

      1. Ah, Thanks!
        well, you already know what my WP user is, so I don’t think I need to state it, aha.
        Anyway, I would like to join as a judge, if you could!

  3. I would do it, but quite frankly I’m so caught up in school stuff I don’t even have much time to look at blogs, much less make stuff. But I’ll be supporting everyone from the sidelines, I guess.

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