So, since I haven’t been playing Fantage all that often wow great start to the post, I still have a lot of things just building up (like currency and items), so…

Since this event includes gifting, I’ll probably be giving out items from the limited cart as a present. I have a limited amount of gold, though (because I can’t sell anything), so I’m only going to be giving away 1-2 things, depending on how this turns out.

I don’t really have time to schedule a gameday, so I’m just going to do something simple.

First prize: First person to comment their favorite Fantage game and briefly state why. (I dunno, cuz I’m the game host, although I’m not doing a very good job so at least it’s game related.)

Second prize: First person to play Q-Blast with me within the next ten minutes. (I won’t offer prize if nobody comes by the 35 minute mark.) Make sure to tell me you came from WordPress if you want to qualify for the prize. I’m chbannabeth1 if you wanna know who to look for. [CLOSED]

That’s all. Cya!


43 thoughts on “Yo!

  1. My favorite Fantage game is Fish Fish because it is really addicting and fun. I also love fishing! I hope I fish soon though I haven’t fished enough. That’s why I like Fish Fish

  2. (the thing is over but whatever)
    Type Boo! Definitely is my favorite game!
    I love to test my speed in typing! I once was
    in the top then like 2 hours later I lost it xD

    What’s your favorite game? 🙂

  3. i like to play the fashion show…it makes me feel good about myself (I rarely feel like that…) whenevr I win like first or something…

    1. Cool! I’ve been getting into fashion show a little bit more now. It’s so different than I remember!
      You should feel good about yourself, even without Fantage! I’m sure you’re a wonderful person with a lot of talent! ❤

      1. Yeah, sorry this was like, so long ago, but I’m available on weekends from Friday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, to Sunday 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

  4. I like Fantage, well, there are a lot of reasons why but I’ll just stick to one cuz I’m lazy.

    I don’t exactly hang out a lot, so I play online games like RPG or MMORPG, cuz I find it interesting that there are so many people in the world. And no. I’m not emo, thanks👌

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