994 subscribers?

thats 6 more to 1000.

im shook

meanwhile here’s a mini life update!

a) I havent logged on Fantage in months

b) I am currently creating an artsy portfolio for college/uni

c) I am drinking tea right now and I see a chocolate chip in my cup (???)

d) I built an actual snowman for the first time in probably 7 years

e) i miss blogging a lot but I cant think of anything amusing to write about anymore.

f) apparently fantage updated a lot of things but I havent bothered checking yet

and lastly, does anyone here even play fantage actively anymore?


9 thoughts on “woah

  1. I haven’t been on in such a long time but honestly school has started to take over my life and there’s way too much to do. I miss my online friends but I think I just naturally quit. I would still love to read your blog regardless your personal thoughts and life updates or fantage stuff because you are an amazing person. Also its not your fault for not being on, I myself haven’t been on since July or June. Please continue to blog, you’re a great blogger.

  2. Not much actually. I quit for months, then decided to check Fantage from time to time (maybe once every 2 weeks?). It’s just not as fun as it used to be. Instead of paying 4, 500 eCoins for an eCoined package, you have to pay 5, 000 gold for just one outift. Things are so expensive now. I’m not buying membership again. I also hate that nons can’t even post anything at MyMall. Well, that’s just how Fantage earns money and there’s nothing we can do. It’s a business.
    Congrats for your followers though!!! You’re almost at 100!!! GO GO CLOUD!

  3. I do play, though “play” as in log in to get the daily reward and that’s it XD

    I first found this blog like practically 3 years ago, and it’s awesome to see you’re still active (unlike me) haha 😀

    so yeah, enjoy being another year older c:

  4. I stopped playing actively since may 2015. It’s so boring Plus, my mom doesn’t buy much stuff online since everything is all about gold.

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