thank you

Thanks for 1k subscribers!

but most importantly the journey that lead up to this day 🙂

because today will mark a very special mark on this blog

tis the last day I will be blogging about Fantage

*slips away*

6 thoughts on “thank you

  1. Honestly.. I can see why,
    Fantage is just.. i don’t know. There’s nothing to do — the chat is so restricted nowadays, all anyone wants are “baes”, it’s just another kid’s game turned into a dating website. As I look in the other tab, here are two things I see on fantage:
    Gang tryouts at my plc!!! (ok, it didn’t say EXACTLY gang, but you could tell. Seriously fantage community?!)
    “Girls that like girls, add me on my kik! it’s [gonna block this out cause don’t want them to have hate]” (again, not exact, but you could tell pretty clearly. Alright– I don’t mind lesbians/gays/ect, some are friends of mine, but REALLY. We don’t need to bring sexuality into a kids’ game. We already have the daters and the “dirty” people.)
    I don’t really see why Fantage isn’t 13+ yet. Younger kids have no place here anymore. There is dating and worse things around every corner nowadays.
    Then look at how everything is pay-to-look-good.
    Trust me, cloud.. Fantage isn’t gonna be here for long.

    P.S. By the way, if you like animals, and want a game that will calm your nerves, I suggest Meadow on steam. It costs money, but only 3 bucks. A lot of the reviews say it’s relaxing, but I’ve yet to try it out. Watched a ton of videos though, looks fun. It’s an MMO but you can’t talk, only use emotes and do actions. I’ll leave the rest for you to research.

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