not sure how to title this

I’ve been wanting to quit blogging on here for about 2 years but I never had the courage to completely disconnect. A few minutes ago I decided to revisit some Fantage blogs that I used to read and all of them had goodbye posts. It honestly breaks my heart to see this once lively and supportive WordPress community fade away, especially for me, since I’ve been here since 2012. I remember being here 24/7, replying to comments, making posts/pages, constantly checking my notifications, and chatting on the XAT chat boxes. But now, it’s like this place has become an abandoned town. Deep down, I just really wished this community could come back 😦 I miss it a lot, more than I should.

My purpose here ain’t over until Fantage shuts down or something. I trulyyy want to be able to help others and make people happy, but it’s so hard considering:

A) I’m permanently banned for no reason
B) It’s kinda hard to function since everything is for members ;-;

I also get really annoyed every time I log on. The game itself may not be getting worse, but it’s the users!! everywhere I go I see people cussing, or trying to act cool by cussing, irrelevant and inappropriate tryouts, etc. The culture of the game seems to be revolved around status, which is pretty degrading.

I think what might help to make the game environment a better place is for people to adopt more interests. Like instead of only caring about wardrobe and items, maybe develop an interest in a game/activity. This should eliminate all the bored people in downtown attending things like “strip parties” and stuff like that.

I remember hosting a lot of “extreme hide n seek” games and made a lot of nice friends!

All in all, I feel like if people had a more balanced “lifestyle” in the game, Fantage would be a lot more fun for everyone. The different types of users in the game could mesh and mingle, instead of being so isolated into specific cliques.

just my opinion yall

I honestly have no idea what my purpose of this post was. I guess I just wanted to remind u guys that I miss blogging hella lot, but I also wanted to address some issues I was noticing lol.

I dont think anyone actually read this post but oh well, it relieved a lot of sadness 🙂

Also, I really want to come back but I literally cant because my account is banned 😡

ill keep ya updated!

20 thoughts on “not sure how to title this

  1. The ‘abandoned’ community is so true. I almost don’t see people from the old community I used to belong in anymore. Best way is to immerse yourself in other ones =)

          1. There’s no ‘specific’ community to name. You find the blogs and people you enjoy reading and talking to and there’s your community. It’s usually blogs of similar interests.

  2. If this one’s dying, join another. Tattered Weave started several months ago and is growing fast.

  3. sad things is, the culture of the game seems to reflect real life
    the purpose virtual worlds are a great idea but it’s hard to keep people interested in something so simple nowadays 😦

  4. it makes me very sad, none of my friends go on anymore and all the memories i had with them were very nice. i barely see anyone from when i used to go on, like in 2014/15.

  5. i completely agree. youd think i stopped playing because i became too old for it but no the game became too old for me.

  6. True tho.

    All the old blogs I used to follow suddenly disappeared, and Fantage is getting progressively worse every time I log on .

    That last part was a lie I can barely long on because the connection isn’t safe. And everything is for members, but even with free membership there isn’t even anything to do anymore because everything needs gold and the connection is crap. Not to mention that I can’t even see my idFone anymore because it’s always stuck on Lotusrainxoxo.

    I also considered quitting because who the heck actually reads a rarely active blog? But even if I say I quit, I’ll crawl back here eventually. We’re in the same boat, my friend.

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