Back to back events+Styling Sunflower Hair

Right after the lemonade event, Fantage uploaded another one??

tbh I’d prefer quality over quantity. Right now it just seems like they’re trying too hard to get us to play the game and buy items.

I miss the old days when we’d have an event every month or so 😦 events back then were also higher quality (more creative and looked like they’d spent more time making them).

The events now are so lame LOL *cough* “dabtastic”


Anyway, lets look at the items πŸ™‚


I bought everything but the outfit because the shorts look like the butt is on backwards LOL

Also check out the captions.. its like they put no thought at all into them :-/ as if they were rushing or something.

Sunflower Hair
makes your forehead look big, so check out how I’d style it:

loooks.png1. Summer look

slUse a visor and pair with some sunglasses to offset the weird proportions of the hair.

2. Fancy

sl2Masks, crowns, and this pink headband will do! (I’m obsessed with the first outfit ahh its so pretty!) I love how versatile this hair is.

3. Casual

sl3.pngGrab a hat, any hat! in the last look I used the “Jaunty Hat” from lucky bot. I think it looks great with the hair πŸ™‚

Comment below which look you liked the most! cya next time ❀


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