about the owner

Updated December 10th, 2014
Article written by cloud82

This blog was created in 2012 by me, cloud82 🙂 The whole purpose of making this blog was to simply make people laugh. That was all. I didn’t think of inspiring anyone, or really getting anywhere. And with that thought in mind, I focused on that one goal, and I achieved. I didn’t think of becoming ‘famous’ or ‘popular’.

Anyways, about me. My Fantage account was created in 2009. I was actually forced by my friends. It was not my idea. I never played until 2012, which is when I started this blog.

Here is my IDfone:



This is my Fantage account. I have never bought membership before, but I have bought $10 worth of Gold.

My Interests:

I enjoy drawing, creating edits, giving out fashion tips and having giveaways. If you ever see me on Fantage, say hi! if I don’t add you, don’t take it personally 😛

My Real Interest:

I play the piano, I like digital art, and I used to figure skate. If you ever see me in real life- haha jk you never will.



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