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About the owner

Hey there, I’m cloud82! and here’s some information about me 🙂 I started playing this game in 2009, and I enjoy talking to buddies, shopping at MyMall, and trolling people.

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing, playing the piano, cooking, and hanging out with my friends!

Here’s my IDfone:


About Fantage Spy!

Fantage Spy is a very chill and laid back blog. You can expect a wide range of posts:

  • Fantage fashion ideas/lookbooks/Hot or Not etc.
  • Art, edits, and customs!
  • Event information, tips, and answers
  • Giveaways, raffles, and fun competitions
  • Short and sweet funny posts 😉
  • The list goes on, so just be prepared for anything. (We never use vulgur language in any of our posts and pages)

Sample posts from the past:

Fashion: Winter Lookbook, Prom Lookbook, Styling a Crop Top, Styling the Fur Coat, Vote for your fav outfit, Styling new shop items

Art/edits/customs: Unicorn art, edit, Teen Clothing set, Forum Mag

Event info/tips/answers: Unicorn Part 1 Event, Hoverboard event idea, Runaway Rudolf answers, Q-Blast tip, Cloud Maze tips

Giveaways/raffles/competitions: 10,000 Gold raffle, Raffle, Winter Olympics

Short and sweet posts: Adele’s makeup tutorial, John Cena, Work out with Teddy, Fantagian’s Relate, Fantage Hangouts

There will be new posts pretty much everyday, so you better read them 😀

Soo, you think you’re going to like this blog, hit the subscribe button- and don’t worry, if you ever want to change your mind, you can unsubscribe anytime.




54 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, its actually interesting learning more about chu. I wanna meet you in Fantage tho!!! My username: flare_empress. Hope we meet soon!!!!😀

  2. Pingback: welcoмe |
  3. This has nothing to do with the subject, but thank you so much for following my blog! I really appreciate it. 🙂


      1. so um,i hope u dont mind cuz i started a blog and i kinda didnt know wat to do so i based it off of urs,i hope u dont mind that i took some ideas and trida make it different. srry and you’re awesome!

  4. Hey cloud82! I have a theme in my wordpress that’s just like yours but I can’t seem to get another page. I only have HOME and ABOUT! I want to make other pages like, ART GALLERY or RANDOM but I don’t get how to! I mean, You know how you have the pages SHOP, RANDOM, MYMALL GUIDE! i cant seem to make those pages in my wordpress! Help! plzzzzz.

  5. I didn’t know where else to ask this, but here goes. 😛
    Do you have a list of everyone who works on this blog? I can’t seem to find anything resembling a list anywhere and you have a lot of posts up…
    I know Cloud, minitricia, Luke, and Smileyselena work(ed?) here, but I think I’m missing quite a few people. Does anyone know who? 🙂

  6. Hi cloud! I just wanted to ask what is the name of the dog in your profile picture because i’ve seen people wear it but not knowing which event it came from nor the name and it looks really nice. Thanks







    nay child

  8. Hii! Not sure if your hiring but I would LOVE to work on this blog! I am on Fantage often and I will be able to post often 🙂 I have only been blogging for 5 months but I think my posts are still pretty good. I will not make short useless posts but my posts will also not be long and boring. Perfect! Hopefully… I am also a nice kind person. Okay thanks!

  9. Um, hi. I doubt you remember me. Owner of fantagefashions? Nah? ‘Kay I forgot my name that was like two years ago ha ha. I was the girl that created a lot of drama and shit here in WordPress and yeah, I came back here to apologize, really. This is like the only blog that I remember except princess moo moo omg hahahaha. Well, I hope you can read this if youre still active on fantage. Um, so here I go. 🙂 First of all, I want to say sorry. Sorry really sorry. I was so fucking immature and I cant even haha looking back at it, that was such a low move for me. And yeah sorry because I lied to all of you. That really sucked. And I was so depressed that time bc you were my only friends. ONLY FRIENDS. That time like srsly im such a loser ha ha. 😂 And idk why i lied, i cant even remember. I cant remember the name of the girl who posted that I lied and something and had proof bc of my wattpad account. 😂 So ughhhh i suck so much at writing apologies. Anyways, thank you for everything guys. For all the memories and you guys always have a place in my heart even though I dont have a place in yours ha ha. Damn I just remember salsa? The girl that I call salsa, is she still around here? Two years, man lots of things had changed and you guys are all quitting and stuff. That sucks 😦 And this is the end. Sorry for wasting your time reading this shit. And yeah sorry for everything, I sincerely apologize for all the fucked up drama I caused you. Thankyoutooo! ~ signing off, fantagefashions x brooklyn x iforgotmyname

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