Aurora Wish~

Welcome to Aurora wish! owned by Moonlight Mizuki


-Hairs collection-

Cool Cat rainbow

green CC5 (2)Blue CC BLUE2 CC

Springtime purple



Mini Heart Cardigans- credit needed



Rose Headbands


Color Fantasy Headbands


~———————————————- ~

Gif by Emoxynha

No credit is necessary unless otherwise stated. If so, please credit Moonlight Mizuki. If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to comment below!

37 thoughts on “Aurora Wish~

  1. I thought I credited? Those two dresses were recolored by me.. The pink one looks alike but I promise you I recolored it myself. Cloud, can you make that in bold please? So no more confusions happen? Thank you. Sorry if there were any confusions. I wouldn’t copy your FOTDs.

      1. Uhh.. I don’t know how to change it? I’m not a worker here…. Just make it in bold idk and add ALL CREDIT FOR BASE GOES TO MINORI. Thanks!

  2. Uhhh.. That’s my private email.. Can you change it to post a comment? I checked the notification box for this page.

  3. Ok. Seriously. I’m not an editing pro like Minori. My pixels turn out weird. It’s kind of pathetic but I do well in recolors. If you did a recolor of something, it is yours because you made your own version of it, k? I spent 2 hours trying to recolor CC. If you did an edit and used something from fantage, then you woul also have to credit Fantage for using it. So technically everyone has to credit for everything. I know like most people haven’t done that so why should I? Okay, just REMOVE it. I am done with all this drama.

    1. Like anything you want. I don’t care anymore. Everything else is recolored by me. Remove anything you think I used as a base. Whatever. I’m a person who is really mad right now.

      1. Just saying, you can’t claim credits for recolours, because it is technically Fantage’s. It’s like taking Fantage’s things and telling people to credit you for them.
        You can only claim credit if you MADE the thing (combining hairs or pixeling) if you can just get it off Fantage, or it’s a recoloured version, then you can’t claim credit.
        The only thing in this shop that people can credit you for are the cardigans

      2. That would mean, if I added a pixel, it is mine because I added something of my own. Done. I can just add one pixel. Well, have you seen people recoloring something and telling people to credit? They made PART of it. You can’t just get them off of Fantage. I haven’t seen these before either so there you go. So you are saying they are Fantage’s recolors? I recolored them MYSELF. if you recolored something, would you ask for credit? Yes. if anyone here who blogged recolored something, they would ask for credit too. It’s not like I’m the first person to do that. If you took a scarf, dyed it, and sold it to another shop owner, would you put your logo on it? YES. Same thing with fantage. I just added the heart to it. Not everyone is an editing pro, k?

      3. There’s almost no difference with the pixel…
        and yes.
        You know, Fantage has the right to sue/get a lawsuit against you for this…
        Your taking their original design and telling people to credit YOU. Even if it’s your recolor, it’s still their design. If you recolor something, you credit Fantage. Sure you can recolor things for others to use, but you cannot tell them to credit you. You have to tell them to credit Fantage.

      4. ………………………….. I don’t think Fantage would sue me. Just put no need to credit. I had a bad day and I don’t need you to ruin it even more. AND u you need to tell me before you use it or you have to put Credit to Moonlight Mizuki for the recolor and fantage for the design. PUT THESE exact words. I don’t need any more people complaining about this topic.

  4. Moonlight and Minori,

    Minori, she probably found this tiny invisible colour that nobody else could get.
    Do you see how big the colour wheel is?

    Or Moon, did you use the basic paint colours??

    Moonlight, theres no need to be mad.

    I know I’m late to tell everyone but anyway…

  5. ❀Moonlight Mizuki❀☽❤
    February 13, 2014 at 2:35 pm
    Like anything you want. I don’t care anymore. Everything else is recolored by me. Remove anything you think I used as a base. Whatever. I’m a person who is really mad right now. thats kinda mean

    1. I was mad, ok? It’s over now. That was months ago, I’m usually nice just I got a bit mad there….

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