Cute Outfits!

Hey friends! So recently I’ve been making new outfits to post on my Instagram account (@fantage.selena100) and Cloud suggested I should share them on here so that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. These were mostly made in the photo booth because I’m poor and I have nothing, but that’s okay! I just love looking at the beautifully designed pixel clothing and accessories. So let’s get started!

image   imageimage   imageimage   imageimage   imageimage.jpeg   image.jpegimage   imageimage.jpeg   image.jpegimage   image


I hope you like them! They took me a long time to make because I wanted all of them to have a unique look to them. My favorite outfit is probably the very last one because it’s something I would wear in real life, and I think it looks very springy and cute. I love the red and yellow put together, and the dots go really well with the sunflower in my hair.

Questions: Which one is your favorite?


Fantage Conversations in real Life/Selena is back!

Saying “awesome” (igly) after every sentence to make sure your sentence shows.

Person #1: Hey yo! How are you doing?

Person #2: Hey Selena! My day was really tiring awesome

Person #1: Your day was tiring and awesome?…

Person #2 No. My day was really tiring because I had a lot of homework to do awesome

Person #1: Homework isn’t awesome. I hate homework

Person #2: Yeah I hate homework too awesome


Person #2: I said I hate homework too awesome


Person #2: Oh. I’m just saying that to make sure you’re able to hear me. You see, if I don’t say it, I won’t be able to know if you can hear me or not awesome

Person #1: what….okie.

Saying sentences in fragments.

Person #1: Hey Selena! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a long time!

Person #2 Hey Cloudy!


I’m doing


Really good!

*waits for 20 seconds*

Long time


no see!

Person #1: What. Whats wrong, why are you pausing so much.

Person #2: This is

*waits for 10 seconds*

how I

Person #1: This is how you?….

Person #2 *stands there for 2 minutes*


Person #1: What. 0.0


Person #2: *stares*

LOOL. If you don’t know what I’m talking about in any of the conversations above, I probably look like an idiot to you right now. (well, I already am one) I don’t know if some of you do this in Fantage when chatting, but I know I do these things all the time. Sometimes when I’m chatting with someone, I have to say “igly” (which turns into the word awesome) to make sure the sentence I am saying shows. Imagine if we said that in real life. That would be strange. Also, sometimes when I’m talking in a chat, I’ll say my sentences in fragments because if you type the whole thing in, it usually doesn’t show. Haha. This might not be that funny, but I found it hilarious. AHA. Yeah, I’m not as funny as Cloud…. sorry guys. You can ignore me if you want. xD

Well. Most of you probably don’t know me, but my name is Smileyselena100 aka Smiley aka Selena aka Selly. I used to own my own blogs, but then got too busy and gave up on them. Then I worked on Fantage Spy for some time, but then got flooded with a big wave of homework and so I stopped posting on Fantage Spy also. I’m glad to be back. I really hope I’ll be able to continue on here. I hope that all of you are doing well and that you all had a lovely day. Let me tell you a little about what I have been doing lately. I’ve finally gotten through finals and I actually got pretty good grades on those. Also, I’ve been hard core drawing. Lemme show you:image.jpeg

Yup. That’s meeeee! Featuring my arm :). Hmm. I’ve also been more social lately 👌. Good for me. I’m trying really hard not to go on social media all day long. Basically, I’ve been really focusing on homework and getting my GPA up. 😁

Thank you for reading all of this, you’re a real trooper if you did. 🙂 If you have any post suggestions, feel free to comment. Also, tell me how I could improve my posts, I’m still trying to get back into the whole blogging thing.



*big hug*



School and Outfits

Hello my friends. School for me is just around the corner and I am currently going into high school. Raise your hand if you don’t want to go back to school. I should be seeing everyone’s hands up. 😉 Hmm tbh. I’m actually really excited to go back to school, since all I’ve been doing at home is going on the computer, sleeping and eating.

Now onto Fantage related things. Here are some outfits I made a while ago. 🙂

image image

Which ones are your favorite? Also, what’s a item that you really want?


A wonderful Day.

Hey Guys! So, you guys probably know the feeling where you see a really old friend on Fantage. There’s these two girls that I havent seen in about 2 years and I saw them today… Both at the same time! I was so excited, and I was literally crying tears in real life because I was so excited to see them. Their names are Hananip and Skye_lynn. They are the most wonder-fullest, friends in the world and I couldn’t ask for more. We had a great time catching up and laughing. It was such a wonderful day. Here are some pictures:

hana rainbow

I love them so so much.

It’s so great meeting your old friends on Fantage. Comment down below some of your old friends that you havent seen in 1+ years, and if they were here today, what would you say to them?


My Side Of the Story.

Alrighty friends. Take a seat and let the story begin. This is what happened in my point of view that some of you may not know about in the argument with me and another person. Okay. My friend Cloud82 had told me about how this girl started cussing and being rude to her. She had over exaggerated a situation, and she then started gossiping about how Cloud82 was a very rude and mean person. Of course, that made me really mad. Everyone wants to stand up for their friends right? I knew that Cloud82 was truly a nice person. Sometimes she’s just really busy because she’s got a lot of stuff to do so she might not answer her messages that quickly. Also, this person got in a fight with Ceindrina. One of my other close friends. The exact same thing happened, and she started cussing and attacking at her the same way she did to Cloud82. Now here is where i came in. I deleted her. It was a good reason to do so. I didn’t want to be friends with a person that was hurting my good friends. It’s true that she was super nice at the beginning! She’s probably still nice right now too! But for me, I was just trying to stay out of it, and so I deleted her. She was gossiping about Cloud82 to me and telling me that she was the meanest person ever. That’s another reason why I deleted her.  I didn’t want to hear mean things about my friends, because I talked to them and they said it wasn’t true. I then saw her again and she added me, and I accepted. She said she never wanted to talk to me ever again and that I ruined her life forever. She cussed at me, called me a b*. I really don’t think it’s necessary to cuss, so I don’t do it. Also, that I was making her lose all her friends. First of all, I didn’t make her lose all her friends. I  never even talked to my friends about you because I didn’t want you to lose friends! You were talking to me, and I told you I didn’t want to talk about, and my friends were trying to defend me, which most people do, You on the other hand were gossiping about me to every person you could find. You even went downtown and said “Smileyselena100 ruins peoples lives”.  Do you have any evidence that I gossiped about you? Do you have any evidence that I turned any of your friends against you? You told me to never talk to you ever again, so that’s why I never talked to you. You said you wanted to commit suicide from this, but when I see you with other people, you seem perfectly happy. I don’t understand why you are spreading these awful rumors about me. You seem to be the one who is turning everyone against me. You mentioned my name in your post, and I’m not mentioning yours because I don’t want other people to go against you! I am trying everything to avoid this, but you seem be trying to make it worse. It seems like you want to fight with me. I understand that suicide is not a joke. It’s not a joke at all. But I haven’t done anything. You could just ignore me. But you arent. So you’re looking to have an argument with me. I saw you in the cafe, and you were gossiping about me. You said that I was an attention seeker, and that I was mean and that I ruined your life. I talked to the person, and I told her my side, and she  understood that I wasn’t a mean person, and we are friends now. If people would just take the time to come talk to me, I would be so happy! If you have any questions about this whole argument, please don;t be afraid to comment down below. I really appreciate everyone who took the time to read this!! I appreciate it so much.

Evidence that she’s spreading the rumor about me (Thats her):

Displaying IMG_6926.JPG

Apparently I ruin peoples lives. Watch out. Don’t be friends with me :00


New Limited Item Outfit Ideas

Hey guys! I am so excited for the new items because they are so cute! I think Fantage has done a really good job designing the looks of the outfits this time. I made some outfit ideas with the new hair, check it out:

beachThe outfits are all from Le Shop, and I added some simple accessories to go with it. To me, the hair was my favorite item out of the whole limited items.

Now, I made some outfits using the accessories:

beach1*coughs* I have better style than Cloud82 *coughs* who agrees? *coughs* Haha, im just joking :)…… or am I?

Sorry guys, I have a bad cough today, my bad. Anyways! Which outfit do you like the best, comment down below. And do you think Fantage is improving on their items? Aye, see ya around!



Aye, guess who made it onto the Spy team. Smileyselena100 here, and after all those years of begging Cloud82 to put me on her blog, she finally has agreed to make me an editor. So, starting off, my main job on this blog is to help with the fashion parts, and mostly, to entertain everyone! :P. TBH, I am so glad I’ll be able to be working on this wonderful blog. Now, I shall tell you a little more about myself. My name is Selena. You can call me Smiley, Smileyselena, Sel, Selly, and whatever. 🙂 My main “best friends” on Fantage are Cloud82 and Ceindrina, and a couple others. I love talking to different people, and I love just chatting with people on Fantage, which was the one thing that kept me going on Fantage. My favorite color is white, my favorite food is sushi, my favorite sport is volleyball, I love taking long walks around downtown, and I love reading books at 12:00 am. Where can you usually find me on Fantage? I am usually in Q blast or at a giveaway in mymall (I think they’re so fun). Hmmm, what else? I started Fantage in 2012, and I am indeed 14 years old. Well, that’s about it. Have any questions? Leave them down below!! I will be so happy to answer all of them. 🙂 Btw! I post OOTD’s every day on my Instagram @fantageselena100


Heres an OOTD:


First Edit Ever!!!

First Edit Ever!!!

Hello friends! Smileyselena100 here. This was my first edit ever!
I decided to try to edit something because cloud had a bunch of edits and just decided to try it myself! It looks sort of bad and has a lot of white spots but im still proud of it 🙂 Anyone Have any tips for me? I could really use some 😦 Also! Make sure to check out me and clouds new blog fantage smiley selena 🙂 Comment down below if you want me to try to do more failed edits 🙂 Byee!

Smiley Puppy

Smiley Puppy

Hello friends and fellow bloggers
This is meh first post ever on fantage spy!
I didn’t know what to post so I just decided to post what I was wearing 🙂
This is probably my favorite costume, and if you know me, you know that I wear it a lot!
Thanks guys, love you!