Beach Look book

Going to the beach? don’t know what to wear? aye, no problem.

In this Look book, I will show you some outfit ideas, tips, and more! aand, by the end of this, you’ll be the coolest looking one out of your whole squad 😉 (LOL)

Beach Look book+Ideas!

Stuff to wear:

  • Flowy things
  • Sandals
  • Simple things
  • Sunglasses
  • Flower crowns
  • Light colored clothes
  • Stripes are nice 🙂

Here are some outfit ideas from Easy->Difficult.


(Item’s from shop, Daily Spin, Cody’s Crazy Combo’s)beach2


You can get a lot of nice beach-y outfit’s from Cody’s Crazy Combo’s! they’re stylish, and cheap (tickets are free if you get them from Daily Attendance).


(Items from shops, rares, Lucky Bot)



If you don’t have a lot of beach themed clothes, just put on the “Ocean Shore” board (it’s quite easy to get at Orion’s Rare finds.. or, you can buy it at MyMall for 500 Gold):

beach5 This board can turn a regular outfit, into a beach-y one!


(Limited items, past shop items, rare items)



If you are a Limited items collector, chances are you’ll have a lot of beach styled accessories! so go ahead and use them- they’ll really make your overall outfit shout Beach! (cough, I used a Seagull because there are a lot of them on the beach..)

So this concludes the Look book 🙂 I hope it inspired you to create your own outfits!

beach6 beach7

^We are your #goals just sayinn’

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