Become a Reporter!

Hey there!

do you want to be a reporter for Fantage Spy?

well look no further!

you have arrived at the right place.

Here’s is this month’s bulletin board:


Remember, all images must take place at MyMall.

To sign up as a reporter, comment below your Fantage username! its that simple 🙂

Email me your photo’s at

Title your Email “Mymall Reporter” and attach the photo’s so I can download them. Also include your Fantage username so I know who to credit.

I will decide if I will use your photo or not. If I do, I will credit you! your username will be underneath the picture 🙂

19 thoughts on “Become a Reporter!

  1. hi :l you guys are fighting and i am a small girls to sat people fighting just to be an authorr i am start hiting u cloud not from jeulos but from i hit pm bec they do not work like u nonpm we work for the thinge and u easily get it even people stop fighting i was dreaming to be a pm but then i knowed that being a non makes u cooler bec u worked for that thing tell me when u be a non when u be a non we can be friends

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