43 thoughts on “Wallpaper

  1. these are like so nice but you should credit the people that made them by linking to them. i’ve heard blogs get suspended for redistributing images that are not theirs. people are supposed to give credit in the first place and give a source for any images that they didnt own. i almost got in trouble once for redistributing other peoples backgrounds once.

    1. oooh okay thanks. I got all of them from Weheartit, most of them from the account called “Backgrounds”.
      I guess I’ll just delete this page since I don’t really know :/

      1. ohhh if you ever find the people, it’s best to link it to them or something. people used to get cranky at me when i like redistributed their background >3< they said they'd report me idk

    1. LOL, why hello! The backgrounds are very pretty arent they? I downloaded about 12 of them, im going to test them on my blog. I dont see you using any of them on your blog tho, what happened?

  2. I would like to use one of these backgrounds for a header for my blog. Would I need to credit anyone? Like the people who made this background? 🙂

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